How I Lost My Virginity With The Best Escort On The Planet

Three months back I was struggling with my sexuality. I was yet to have sex with a woman, despite being eighteen years old. Most of my friends had already had their first experiences, and they all seemed amazing. Regardless of the many times I heard of these experiences and longed for one, I could not bring myself to do it. I came close to losing my virginity a few times, but never had the courage to actually do it.

My virgin state was destroying all my relationships. None of my girlfriends could understand why I would not have sex with them. One day I shared my experience with an uncle of mine and he advised me to hire an escort from to lose my virginity to, being that someone with a lot of experience could help ease my fears. He told of a site where I would find incredible escorts. This seemed like a great idea, as I was not interested in having a drunken encounter with a stranger I met in a club. As silly as it sounds, I was embarrassed to not have had sex at 16.

I logged on to the agency’s website. There were plenty of beautiful women, making my decision hard to make. I had a fetish for women with big boobs, so I went for one the moment I saw her. Her name was hot20. We discussed the particulars such as price and time. Upon agreeing, I went ahead to book a two-hour appointment on Friday. She was mid-aged, something I liked as I felt she would not judge me for being the virgin I was.

Friday came like a flash of lightning. Every minute our appointment grew closer, I became frightened. As I paced around the room wondering how the appointment would turn out, I felt out of breath completely. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the door. It was ten already and hot20 had arrived. She told me that she would stay for four hours but charge me for two. I was already feeling too lucky to have had hot20 with me.

In no time, I felt her unzip my trouser and give me a hot blow job. She then threw me on the bed and fucked me from the top. I was mesmerized as I felt pleasure with each throb. Hot20 then lay flat on the bed and asked me to fuck her pussy. I had never done anything like that before, so I was nervous. She understood my situation and explained to me how to do it.

At the end of the four hours, I had not only broken my virginity, but had also learned how to have good sex. Hot20 was gentle with me and I was grateful to have met her. After the experience, I was ready to be a Casanova.