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We are a team of published, bestselling authors and editors with years of experience in composing, editing, and publishing literary and journalistic works. Our efforts have resulted in numerous award-winning, bestselling works for authors and playwrights the world over, as well as stellar resumes, standout websites, and other professional offerings.

By offering such services as editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, and book video trailer creations, we remain committed to helping authors & publishers enhance their works with the polished grace and skillful touch of proven professionals.

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Editing: Quality, comprehensive editing, proofreading, typesetting, and manuscript preparation - Beginning
At Only $1/page!
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Book Trailers: A high-quality video trailer for your book, featuring professional voiceover narration and exposed to thousands of potential readers -
For Only $99!
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Detailed copy editing/
proofreading, customized manuscript formatting, high quality book cover design, eBook conversion, and book trailer creation & distribution - Beginning at only $299! (click HERE to learn more)
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